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16th Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations

Posted by Mall on April 10, 2008

ACCU is now inviting entries for the 16th Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations.

The Noma Concours has been organised biennially since 1978 by ACCU. This Concours is designed to discover up-and-coming, adult illustrators and artists in Asia (except Japan), the Pacific, Africa, Arab States, Latin America and the Caribbean, to provide an occasion at which they can present their works widely and to offer incentives for their creative activities. The prospectus in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Korean, Russian and Spanish and entry form can be downloaded from the Noma Concours website:

The closing date for entries at ACCU in Japan is 30th September, 2008. An international jury will meet in November this year to decide on the winners; prizes will be as follows:

– Grand Prize: a medal and $US3,000.00

– Two Second prizes: each with awards of a medal and $US1,000.00

– Ten Runners-up: each with awards of a medal and $US300.00

– Twenty encouragement prizes: with an award of a medal

The contest is being promoted to help contribute to the general improvement of the quality of picture book illustrations for children. The Concours is highly rated as one of the major and prestigious contests for picture book illustration. Prize winning works from the contest will be displayed in several exhibitions in Japan and Europe.

This is your Golden opportunity. GO FOR IT, my fellow Pinoy illustrators!!!


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