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Color Artists Wanted!

Posted by Joel Chua on May 14, 2008

Hello illustrators.  I’m looking for color artists for the work we will be doing in comics – among others.

Must be:

1. Willing to work in Mandaluyong City – San Juan. It’s a secret garden. You can look at the venue here: (the PC setup is no longer the same though)

2. An illustrator. Showing an illustration, painting, animation portfolio that displays their ability to render the human figure AND backgrounds – even in grayscale. Your salary depends on it – which can be anything between 12k to a ticket to heaven.

3. A PC user, a child of Photoshop and the Internet.

4. Prepared to handle basic graphic design, vector work. Webdesign’s a plus.

5. Living & hungry. But not a zombie without a brain.

We will be painting comics, storyboards, animation & cinema backgrounds (cross your fingers) for most of the time using our studio practices. Training is very technical, you’ll love it! Apart from that there will opportunities to work in character design, illustration, graphic design.

Currently one to two slots to be filled. All applicants welcome to visit, show their stuff both ON and OFF the keyboard. For arrangements, contact me by DA, email, or add me to your YM: lefhand_2000

Work will begin between June and July 2008.


2 Responses to “Color Artists Wanted!”

  1. hi i’m illustrator workin for publications,ads,magazines.
    would like to try.

  2. Joel Chua said

    Where are you in the Philippines, Sudhir?

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