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Posted by Joel Chua on January 12, 2009

Experienced in illustrating using Pen and Ink Medium, Cartoonist, experienced in children’s textbook illustrations email resume:  desktype @ gmail . com (0905-6600858)



  1. milind said

    illustrator here,i wold love to work on the assignment for childrens books.pls chk my link above and let me know if ur intrested.thanx.

  2. BobCat said

    Hi there,
    I´m interested in your project. Please, can you give some further information or is this thread already closed?
    kind regards

  3. RicardoTavares said

    Guess I am too late, but, if there is anything else, please let me know.


  4. Umer Farooq said

    Hi there,
    This is Umer Farooq, from Karachi – Pakistan, I´m interested in your project. Please, let me know more detail about your project, i have lot of experience in it.

    kind regards

  5. Arief said

    Yeaaah… always worth to try. Pls visit my samples on:


  6. Jocelyn said

    I need a illustrator that would work for me for free. I will tell many others about their work. I will give them the credit they deserve. If you are willing to design me a novel cover for free, I will be glad to update you on any others who need illustrtors as well. I am in need of an illustrator badly. I am already finished a novel and need a cover! If you don not accept my assignment, please let me know a.a.s.a.p. so I may find another illustrator who is willing to fulfill my need.

  7. Kristine Nicole P. Hortel said

    Hi I’m Nicole.. I think I’ll give it a try please email me on some details.

  8. Kristine Nicole P. Hortel said

    by the way my is

  9. alla said

    We are professional artists. We leaf and work in Kharkov, Ukraine.
    We graduated from the Art and Design Academy in Kharkov.
    We work in the lines of drawing, painting in oil, ceramics.
    Since 1999 We have been member of the National Union of Ukranian
    Our works took part in the international exhibitions in Russia,
    Slovakia, Belguim, Japan,
    Spain. Also We arrenged many personal exhibitions.
    We would like to submit our artworks for review. We will be glad to
    collaborate with
    galleries and art-dealers.
    Our pages-
    наш пароль


  10. Opportunity for freelance designer…

    […]Wanted FREELANCE BOOK ILLUSTRATOR « Illustration Pinoy[…]…

  11. melvin jay said

    since i am an amateur…i am willing to try it for free…check out my site at…if you think im good enough my mobile is 09128817752…ps…i do love to work with pen and ink so i think im worth checking out…

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