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Untitled Folio Project Vol. 3-The Filipino Illustrators’ Folio

Posted by panchmonster on May 15, 2009

Hi! As you know, we released two volumes already of this folio. So, now, it’s nearly time for the third and the question is, should we push through with it and who will be joining this year? We will also have to put up a new website since the old one no longer exists.

Last two issues, all the participants paid P2,000 each (which all went to printing). I don’t know yet how much this next issue will cost each since we have to look for a printer again. Plus, someone has to take charge of the lay-out. Anyway, please let me know your thoughts below or send me a pm at multiply/facebook if you want to join.

Untitled folio is a biennial folio created to showcase the talent of Filipino Illustrators. We distribute it for free to all the major publishers and advertising agencies.

2008 Folio

2008 Folio


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