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Komikon 2009 – Now At Megamall

Posted by Joel Chua on October 12, 2009

Komikon was usually held at the Bahay ng Alumni in the University of the Philippines. Now the “original” comic convention of the Philippines will be in a much much BIGGER venue – the Megatrade Hall!!

With the new venue, you’ll have to bring more cash to the event! Why?

  1. Entrance is now 80Php, and you can’t escape it.
  2. You’ll probably eat at the mall too… there all only 2 food concessionaires inside the Megatrade 1.
  3. Komikon

  4. There are more comic books and anthologies up for sale. You can no longer count them with 2 hands!!! It’s been a very good prolific year.
  5. Bigger space = more competition for your wallet.
  6. Plus you are more likely to get pickpocketed! I think…
  7. In-convention events include auctions for our colleagues who’ve been worst hit by Ondoy, awards and recognitions for comics and their creators, as well as book launches and interviews.

    Now if only they had workshops…

    See you there!


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