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Filipino illustrators in one space


IllustrationPinoy is a community blog for Illustrators of Filipino descent. It is a site where a Filipino (and also global) audience can find a variety of news, artworks, goodies, and inspirations from Filipino illustrators and the local illustration & design scene. It’s also a space for Filipino illustrators to connect with and learn from each other!


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi, I’m a Graphic Artist , Indie Comic Artist, Illustrator and Cartoonist.
    He is also into Mixed Martial Arts and mountainbiking.
    My current Indie comics are Anak ng Tupang Itim, Si Heronimo alyas HERO ang bagong bayani ng Marikina, Love Story such a headache, pain and Suffering.
    and Lipad.

  2. Charmine said

    Hi Rommel,

    Can you send your updated portfolio and resume at


  3. mbw said

    hello! I’m based in Mindoro and would like to show and expose my body of artworks via this site! I see very good friends among your blogroll. I was quite involved with the INK during its inception and although I’m not active at all with the group, got back into illustrating for children’s books just early last year 2010 (after 11 years’ absence).
    So…how do i start?

    Bernadette Wolf

    • Dennis said

      Hi Mbw,

      Can you please send your resume to, we are in need of part-time technical illustrator and book lay-out artist.

      Thanks and best regards,


      • mbw said

        Hi Dennis! Thank you for asking me re my resume but I know i am not capable of the job :-D! My digital know-how is very wanting and I know that is more for a computer-savvy.
        PS. And sorry for the very late reply! i should be clicking on this site regularly! However, here is my blogsite:


  4. mochafrappe said

    I’m a newbie illustrator. I manually sketch, color and pen/ink then transfer to electronic image my illustrations, which I faithfully post to my blog.

  5. Ronie Reyes said

    Hi! I’m looking for a freelance illustrator for our upcoming project this Christmas. Please let me know if you’re interested.


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